Bella photo Comox Valley family photography

Bella photo Comox Valley family photography
Comox Valley Family photography

Monday 2 January 2017

Comox Valley Photographer - project 52- Bellaphoto

I have a bunch of goals for 2017. 
Eat more veggies, learn how to curl my hair with a flat iron (how can a 13 year old on youtube do it with ease but i end up looking like Einstein??) 
AND photograph my family. Document our life.

you would think the children of a photographer must have millions of awesome photos...
but as the cobbler's kids have no shoes... I tend to forget about my little people when I have clients to capture.

So i am going to attempt a project 52.
there is no way in hell i am trying a 365, I will probably forget around day 6, and then like.. what is even the point. But i feeeeel like i can do once a week.

So in case you aren't up to speed, we sold out townhouse in the city (ish) and moved to the sticks.
Total rural paradise.

and currently that paradise is covered in 6 inches of ice.

I reeeealy wanted to take some pics of the kiddies in the snow, so i begged.
Please, just 5 minutes and you can eat that giant ass Kinder surprise egg on the counter.

I think they gave me like... 1.8 minutes. 

saratoga beach photographer

comox valley photographer

oyster bay

ooh look how cute they are... then someone stepped on someone's toe.. and the other punched the stepper..

And then they both just fricken RAN inside.
1.8 minutes.

So next I tried to get the big one to come in to my new studio space.
I wanted to test the light.

this is how that went.

but hot damn look at that light!!!
I can't wait for family photo sessions on this little window seat!

So last..
this guy.

He was not impressed either.
but at least he got his treat :)

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