Bella photo Comox Valley family photography

Bella photo Comox Valley family photography
Comox Valley Family photography

Saturday, 7 February 2015

My biggest regret in life -Tsawwassen Newborn Photographer

This is a post I have thought about many times. I have thought about how to word it.. if it's necessary.... if anyone would care. 

I have one HUGE regret in life. Honestly my only regret. As my business grows and thrives, I think about this regret from time to time. It may seem like nothing to some people, but now, with my knowledge and love for my work, it hurts. 

I don't have newborn photos of my children......

okay.. I have snapshots. I have the stereotypical iphone selfies with my babe in the hospital room. I have a few badly lit, semi blurry shots in my daughter's room, and a few on the couch.

But i don't have anything that captures them. their tininess, their beautiful little details that lasted only moments. My job, my passion, is capturing this for others.. and I didn't do it for myself...

I kept telling myself, I will do it, I will take out my camera and do our beautiful newborn photos. 
That didn't happen, the closest I got with my second is bribing my then 3 year old to get my camera for me as a nursed a ravenous 2 week old, then minutes later attempted capture their perfectness, while my 3 year old bounced off the walls, my freshly torn open c-section incision seared, and milk ran down my shirt.

This was the result.

Ain't nobody got time for that

Then trying to get an image of my two gorgeous little people together, basking in love for one another. 

Don't even get me started on the "newborn" photos I have of my older.... acid reflux.. screaming 18 hour a day daughter. It was a blur. we both survived.

I think the largest part of my reasoning behind not hiring a professional.. was pride. I AM A PROFESSIONAL, I should be able to do what I love most.. with the people I love most.

Then life got in the way.

I am not saying "HIRE ME, I AM THE BEST!!" what I am saying.. is hire someone.


Tiny curled fingers, those milk swollen lips... you will never see that again.

Finally. I grew a pair.. and last year had an amazing friend photograph my family. Did i want photos of myself. HELLS to the NO! I still had all that "baby weight" (cough ..3 years later) I felt like a troll, ugh no, no pictures of me.

But suck it up Buttercup I did.

and I am in love.
I now exist in images, I have captured a time in our lives.

Now I am currently online shopping for our families outfits for photos this spring <3

Photo By Maddiegray Photography


  1. Nicely written Ali :) Also a great photo of the family :) BTW, we were glad for the pictures you did get :) Peace & Love, Holly M. <><

  2. How wonderful that you found a photographer in Tsawwassen to capture your beautiful family! Newborn photography wasn't a big deal when my 4 kids were born (my youngest is 9). Every time I see a beautiful newborn image, I am thrilled for the parents that planned ahead for a newborn photographer... and a little jealous that I will never get that opportunity. I guess I will just look forward to grandkids!

  3. This is so right!!!!!! Hire me, but if not, hire someone! This is indeed such a precious time, and you can never go back. Memories may never fade completely, but honestly an image of that tiny face, milk blistered lips, teeny tiny toes- thats forever! Thank you so much for being so candid and vulnerable sharing your own experience with your kids as newborns- this is something people in Tsawwassen and beyond can appreciate when considering which photoshoots are the most important.

  4. I couldn't agree more with this post and it's a regret I have as well! I find so many moms who think "I'll just do it myself" and yet, the time slips away and they never do. As moms, we get so busy, and honestly, they never turn out like we would like them to . . .

  5. I also have the regret of not having hired a professional to document the fresh beauty of my own newborns. Such a raw spot for us moms who are photographers. Thank you for sharing your story with us all.