Bella photo Comox Valley family photography

Bella photo Comox Valley family photography
Comox Valley Family photography

Tuesday 30 June 2015

The photo that started it all... Bellaphoto, Ladner Children's photography

Ever wonder what brought me down this crazy path....
Lets starts back at the very very beginning.. well not that far back. My skill of photography started at age 12, when i took my first class at Arts Umbrella on Granville Island. This is where i picked up my first camera, my pentax K1000. (that's film y'all)
Fast forward to high school. I lived in the darkroom, not only was it dark (i was angst filled) it was a great place to make out and hide from teachers.

Fast forward again to college, I graduated from the Professional Photo Imaging program at Langara College.

In all this time.. i had SKILL at photography... but I didn't have a passion. In fact.. for 2 years after I graduated, I didn't pick up a camera.

Photography had become boring. it was all about the technical aspects. The proper exposure, the proper Rembrandt pattern, did my shadows have the right density.  YAWN....

I became a professional image editor, photoshop was my new world.

Then I had babies.. oh I guess this is where I have to start taking pictures of families in their matching jeans and christmas sweaters.. OMG kill me. I did some photos.. some kids.. what I thought I was supposed to.. not my style.. but hey, kids and family are cheesy. 


It happened. 

I took THE PHOTO. The photo that inspired me, captured my heart, and my soul. okay fine.. it was of MY kid.. but it could have been anyone's kid.
ladner children's photography

She wasn't smiling, her eyes looked 1000 years old... WAIT. WHAT. kids could be ART?! Hold the phone!

Obviously I had INVENTED THIS!!!
** I totally did not invent this, read a freaking photo book ali **

I was suddenly in love with photography. I could take the pictures I wanted, the way I wanted to.
This was where my passion began.

My goal, with any client, is to create something timeless.

A visual representation of your history.

I want to create pieces that can be passed down from generation to generation and be appreciated.

So yes.. sometimes your children won't be smiling. but you can see their soul.. and that is what really matters.


  1. <3 My heart <3

    This is so well said and so accurate! Love this and love all your work, Ali! Absolutely breathtaking!

    1. Thank you so much Amber!!
      I really appreciate your support :)

  2. Beautiful picture of a lovely girl.Great work Ali.