Bella photo Comox Valley family photography

Bella photo Comox Valley family photography
Comox Valley Family photography

Tuesday 3 May 2016

Tsawwassen newborn photographer - The T family - Bellaphoto

ladner newborn photographer

Ahh the siblings.. for the longest time i had no idea how to incorporate big brothers and sisters in a session. I had the pose, the one gorg pose that I could get most in to.. but that was it. because as we know.. 2 and 3 year olds are not the most secure baby holders. AND THEN! a mom mentioned to me "she does really great holding him on the bed".... Of course!

I have since then started offering a lifestyle portion to my newborn sessions! This allows us to get the snuggly, cuddly, at home in your bed shots, in my Tsawwassen photo studio. Because we are in my studio, filled with props, drops and accessories, we can then transition easily in to the newborn session.

It's funny when a client bring in clothing for their kids so good, that i miiiight mention "if they ever outgrow those outfits.. and you are looking to get rid of them..."

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