Bella photo Comox Valley family photography

Bella photo Comox Valley family photography
Comox Valley Family photography

Thursday 14 February 2019

The Hardest Blog I have ever written - Bellaphoto

It's taken me months to write this... It still doesn't feel real, and if someone had told me this story I would call bullshit.. but it happened to me. and I know the realness.
SOMETHING put me in this spot. Something made this session happen.

My heart broke.

Prepare the tissues.

Last summer  I was booked for a family session in Cumberland. I showed up at the beautiful location, the lighting was great, it was perfect.

Then as the client was supposed to arrive I got a text saying she couldn’t make it.

I was sitting there on this log, not a person in sight. Then something popped in my mind. The next people to walk by this remote spot we’re getting a free family session... why not turn this situation in to something good.
I could have gone home, I could have gone out for coffee  with a friend while I was in town...

But as I say and talked to my photography bestie Jennifer Traylor Photography, and I said "that's it, if someone walks by in the few minutes they are getting a family session!"

Suddenly this couple and their daughter appeared. Like this spot is off a weird trail, in kinda the middle of nowhere.

“Helooooo” I said, and explained who I was and that my client was unable to come and would they like family photos. The mom looked a little confused and the dad was like YES! It was funny, and awkward, and they were so so cute. They had recently relocated to town as the dad was stationed here in the military.

I came home and edited a bunch. Y’all the dad and the baby were the cutest ever. Their connection was undeniable. I kept saying "these are going to be at her wedding".

About a month later I  got a msg from her.
He passed away last week... he was involved in a fatal car accident.
These are the last photos they have of him.
This is how they will remember him.

I read her message over and over again. How was this possible? He was so young, so healthy.. he had a family.  It was first thing in the morning when I read the message.. Maybe "fatal" doesn't mean what I think it means...

What WEIRD acts of fate had to happen for me to be there, and the stars to align.

She told me I am her angel 😭😭

I can't even begin to articulate how heartbroken I am for this family, but how at awe I am.. that SOMETHING put my there, to capture this for them ❤
If you have it in your heart to help this beautiful baby and her momma out ❤️

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